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Burns and smoke inhalation injuries are some of the most tragic personal injury cases. Fire-caused injuries regularly claim the mobility, function and even lives of people in all age groups, from an infant to the elderly. Unfortunately, many of these fires could have been prevented.

If you have sustained burn or smoke inhalation injuries or have lost a loved one in a deadly fire, contact Jeffrey R. Lessin & Associates, P.C. in Philadelphia. We offer counsel and guidance to those suffering from the devastating effects of fire.

Pennsylvania Burn Injury Litigation

With more than 60 years of collective experience, our trial attorneys have built a solid record of success representing the rights and interests of burn injuries and smoke inhalation victims and their families. For example, we obtained a $5 million dollar settlement against the manufacturers of two products whose claimed defects caused a catastrophic house fire resulting in serious injury to the family members, including death. We also handle cases involving:

Whether flammable products are to blame for serious burn injuries and smoke inhalation or whether the fire was caused by the negligent conduct of another person or entity, you may have the right to bring a lawsuit for damages, pain, suffering and loss.

With mounting bills and limited resources, some people choose to accept an early settlement from the insurance company. Should you be tempted to take what seems to be a very substantial settlement early in the process, you may find that it is inadequate to meet the total costs of necessary long-term treatment.

Because burn injures often require significant medical care, including extensive hospital stays, skin graft surgeries and even transplants, it is impossible to accurately estimate early on what the costs of the immediate and long-term medical treatment will be.

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Before making statements to the insurance company, speak with an experienced fire and burn injuries attorney at Jeffrey R. Lessin & Associates. Contact our Philadelphia offices to schedule a free initial consultation.

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